Riverwest SummerDance

Get Ready for Riverwest's Most Electrifying Celebration!


Join us for an all-day community event packed with live performances, interactive workshops, a captivating scavenger hunt, and an epic dance party. Don't miss out on the chance to discover, learn and party in the vibrant atmosphere of Riverwest.

Event Details

Riverwest SummerDance: A community event celebrating art and technology. It is a day-long celebration starting with live audio-visual entertainment, a panel discussion on the intersection of art and tech, and a showcase of local projects. The fun continues with a scavenger hunt across Riverwest, NFT collectibles, and interactive workshops. Finally, we cap off the event with a 4-hour dance party at Falcon Bowl. Local vendors will be available for the first and last part of the event for you to enjoy.

Event Sponsors

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Who, What, When, & Where

Opening Cermonies
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Featured Talent

Our event is fueled by the creative energy of our local talent. Explore our lineup of musicians, artists, tech gurus, and more.

Cullah // Performer & CEO

Milwaukee-based artist and musician, Cullah, is celebrated for his eclectic music spanning electronic, folk, and hip-hop. Known for his DIY approach, he handles all aspects of his work, from composition to production. With over a dozen albums, his unique sound blends different styles, captivating listeners with intricate instrumentation and introspective lyrics.